We Pay Close Attention to Texture

From our first Talisman vintage in 1993, our goal has been to lovingly and delicately craft Pinot Noirs with harmonious balance that will age for many, many years. Our original inspiration came from Scott’s father’s amazing Burgundy collection, prompting the realization that these Pinot Noirs can, even after 20 years, possess delicacy, nuance, brightness, intoxicating bouquet, remarkable depth and sensual mouthfeel.

Talisman’s goal is very simple:

The creation of exquisite Pinot Noirs that are true to their roots and accurately reflect their places of origin. Each of Talisman’s vineyards have been selected for their unique site characteristics and potential to convey distinctive and singular terroirs. Emphasis is placed on achieving perfection in the vineyard and preserving the essence of place. Each individual vineyard dictates wine style. Each bottling is typically a diminutive 200 to 300 cases.