First Dibs Wine Clubs

Join the wine club & become a pinot family member!

Our club members are like family and that’s why we give them “First Dibs” on all releases. Think of it as Pinot peace of mind; a hassle-free way to make sure you’ll never miss an allocation and always have some Talisman Pinot Noir in your cellar when you go to reach for a bottle.

We lovingly craft each Pinot Noir to reflect its individual and unique vineyard site. An abundance of heart and soul, artisan winemaking, and close relationships with our growers result in exquisite, rich, age worthy Pinot Noirs.

TWO CLUB SHIPMENTS per year — SPRING & FALL. You choose the club level:

6 Bottles

• 6 bottles twice per year
• 25% shipping discount

9 Bottles

• 9 bottles twice per year
• 15% off current releases
• 25% shipping discount

12 Bottles

• 12 bottles twice per year
• 15% off ALL wines
• 50% shipping discount

18 Bottles

• 18 bottles twice per year
• 20% off ALL wines
• 50% shipping discount

• Customizable Club Orders
• Small Lot Wines made exclusively for Members
• Complimentary and Discounted Tickets to Events throughout the year
• Complimentary Member Tasting Experiences
• Access to the Library & Large Format Bottlings