The Team

Rob Lorenz

Rob grew up all over the place as the oldest of four children – his father worked for IBM (I’ve Been Moved), so Rob lived for varying 2–3-year stints in Maryland, Virginia, New York, California, Germany, and finally, California again. He graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Sports Journalism, but realized after a year working for a newspaper that he didn’t want to spend the rest of his days covering high school sports on Friday night.

A dear friend was working in the Clos du Bois tasting room in Healdsburg at the time, and suggested he apply there. “I know nothing about wine,” he said. “That’s alright, you know how to talk to people,” she said.

So, Rob took that job at Clos du Bois – over 30 years ago! – and has been learning and growing as part of the wine business ever since. He has worked at big wine companies in Napa Valley, and small, family-owned wineries in Sonoma County, and everything in between. At every stop along the way, his passion for connecting with people was the common thread in the positions he occupied.

And now he has landed at Talisman as the Director of DTC Sales & Marketing. “I’m at a point in my career where being around great people who make great wine is more important than anything else. Being part of a small, passionate, fun organization is really all I could ask for. I can’t wait to spend time in the cellar during harvest for years to come, and to see every visitor who walks through our door leave with a smile on their face and wine in their hands.”

Raveina Rowan

Born and raised in Southern California, Raveina has led an eclectic life that speaks to her insatiable curiosity, spirit of adventure, and dedication to being an “eternal student” of life. Her background includes diverse experiences, such as being an internationally touring professional singer, a mindset coach, and a VP of a nonprofit organization serving disadvantaged inner-city youth.

She received her BA in International Studies from UCSD and completed her MA in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies. But don’t let her intellectual pursuits fool you! Raveina is down-to-earth, enjoys quick-witted banter and connecting to people of all walks of life.

In July 2021, she decided to explore starting her own wine label, and by Sept. 2021, found herself in a whirlwind transition, relocating to California wine country to start a new career in the wine industry. When asked how she got into wine, she often says, “I don’t know…I think it’s less that I chose wine, and more that wine somehow chose me.”

Whether working in a busy tasting room or in private, luxury one-on-one tasting experiences, she has found a way to weave her love of nature and connecting to people into a rewarding path in which she has excelled.

She has now come to Talisman excited to continue her learning and passionate about providing memorable experiences. “In my crash course, full immersion experience into the world of wine, what I have learned and value the most is wine’s unique way of bringing people together in the spirit of appreciation, happiness, and connecting with what matters most to us.”