' Talisman Wine - Vineyards


Our Vineyards

Our vineyard partners are selected very carefully. We prefer extreme character within an appellation; location, soil, aspect, elevation and personality. Philosophical alignment is paramount, as our growers must also be dedicated to creating top quality, unique, delicious, exquisite wines. We spend a lot of time in these vineyards with our growers, in fact we have a "half day rule" - we only work with vineyards with a proximity wherein we can leave the winery in Sonoma, drive to the vineyard, spend meaningful time, and get back to the winery within half a day. Otherwise we simply would not be able to go often enough.

Our objectives are to guide beautifully grown Pinot Noir grapes from these various single vineyards into the bottle; to express their individuality - we want all our wines to be different from each other; like children, with a thread of commonality but with very different personalities.