' Talisman Wine - October Fire Summary

October Fire Summary

October Fire Summary


The devastating October 2017 firestorm had minimal effect on our vineyards and homes, thankfully…

Downtown Glen Ellen is still standing only because our local firefighters worked relentlessly for a week to keep the flames on the outskirts; our town was surrounded by three fires which demolished hundreds of homes, but left the downtown area including our tasting room intact.

Pinot Noir is an early ripening grape and all of our vineyards had been picked by the end of September, so the wines of 2017 will be just fine (also thankfully). The fermentations happening at that time in our winery were also safe, although some of our employees coming from closed areas had trouble getting to work (!).

With one exception, our Talisman vineyards are located far enough west and south, and were thus safe from fire danger; and with green leaves and sparse undergrowth, vineyards actually make great firebreaks. Red Dog Vineyard up on Sonoma Mountain however was in the thick of it! They refused to evacuate, and tirelessly protected their property, and saved some neighboring places as well! Bravo Tom and Debbie! (read their account on their blog)

Our hearts ache for so many of our neighbors, colleagues and friends that lost their homes; everyone in wine country has been emotionally affected immensely and there are so many stories yet to tell. Meanwhile there is a whole lot of love and support for one another.



Donations for fire victims in Sonoma County can be made at this link.