' Talisman Wine - CuveeNo7PinotNoir

Cuvee No. 7 Pinot Noir

This isn't the bottle you buy just one or two of. This is the perfect "anytime wine"!
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This multi-vintage blend, our seventh Cuvée, was created by blending small components from all of the vineyards in the Talisman portfolio. The synergy that resulted when these disparate lots were combined is magical, akin to the hybrid vigor displayed when certain plants are cross-bred. The winemaking was minimalist – we hand-sorted the grapes, retaining about 25% whole clusters in the bottom of the fermenters. Then we danced with Mother Nature, who provided the native yeasts and bacteria that fermented the grapes. All lots were gently punched down and received post-fermentation macerations. Aging occurred in French oak barrels.
Vintage 2018
Varietal Pinot Noir
Appellation Sonoma County
Size 750 ml