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Amanda Lorren


Amanda Lorren

Amanda hails from East Texas and holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from the University of Texas at Tyler. She began her “visit”, as she likes to call it, to Sonoma County in 2006 after graduation.
Her background in the wine business includes time at Charlie Palmer’s Dry Creek Kitchen, Mauritson Family Winery, Arista Winery, Lancaster Estate & Michael Plapp’s Baxter’s Bistro in Tahoe. All of this onsite training was in the form of wine educator, cellar rat, Restaurant GM/ Wine Buyer, and National Sales Manager.

After working with several varietals from many vantage points, she decided these three aspects were the most important to her: engagement and education with the public; working with Pinot noir; and getting some cellar-rat time EVERY vintage. “It makes such a difference when you’ve had a hands-on experience with the vintage versus only reading about what happened. Every year is different, challenging in new ways and exciting for exactly that reason.”
A good friend and winemaker, John Kelly, introduced Marta and Amanda in 2012. In his words: “I think you two might get along too well – perfect fit”, and we have to agree.

Amanda Lee Lorren

Director of Customer Elations

Tasting Room and Wine Club Manager

Overseer of everything DTC